Winning Stand at Pet Expo 2008

"Our Lowchen Stand at the 2008 Melbourne Pet Expo"

 in The Lowchen Club of NSW Newsletter. April 2008, p.3.

February 1, 2 & 3 at Caulfield Racecourse was the venue for a three day pet fest.  It was a most successful event for Lowchen lovers and their animals.

We set up a single stand on the Thursday  afternoon.  Five minutes after the show opened on the Friday we were offered twice the display space as some other toy breed had not arrived as planned.  We quickly extended our territory and our displays to a double stand.  It was just great to have the extra space because this year every day was well attended by Lowchen owners, their pets, obedience and show animals.

On two days Pia gave introductory talks about the breed over the public address system in the dog area.  One day our CDX Lowchen demonstrated some of her obedience skills.  On the final day Pia gave a grooming demonstration for the public and clipped two Lowchens into show trim.  Every day there was a constant stream of visitors to our stand curious about our dogs and clearly delighted to interact with them.

Everyone of us who was on the stand contributed material for display.  Of course we were all happy to brag of Little Aussie Amy's recent English title and success at Crufts.  But there was, also, the local joy about recent championships and an obedience title.

The theme of our display was Lowchens are great


fun dogs,

dogs for all seasons and all ages,

hearing dogs for the deaf,


obedience dogs and agility dogs.

The aim was to demonstrate the versality of our breed and thanks to Pia Kirke and Peter Scarth we had great photos to demonstrate  each of our claims.

A dog show was run in conjunction with the Expo on the Saturday and the Sunday so that kept some of us on our toes in the ring as well as on the stand.  The winner this year was the American Staffy Stand and we congratulate them for their good work.

The Lowchen lovers who turned out with their little lions for the 2008 Lowchen stand were Barbara and her daughter, Christa Faig, Claire Evans, Elizabeth Heck, Joan and Ron Harrison, Margaret and Ian Horn,  Pia Kirke and me.  Over the three days we had seven show dogs - one an obedience dog, five pets including a senior little lion who amply attested to the long living friendships we can expect from our breed. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make the Lowchen stand at the 2008 Melbourne Pet Expo memorable.  It was a good turn out for a rare breed.  We had three days of fun together with our Little Lions.

Recently we supplied the VCA with an article ["A Most Versatile Breed"] and photos about our Lowchens to be published in a forthcoming Vic Dog Magazine - our reward for being Best Stand in the 2007 Pet Expo.  We were more than pleased with that result as it was the first time we entered the Expo.  Be on the lookout for that light reading in the months ahead and remember as you read the prize was "half a page - 300 words - plus photos".   I found it so hard to be contained about a dog which enthuses me so much. [Update 03-09-09 - the article was never published in the VCA Dog Magazine - please find it below I.B.]



Lowchens: A Most Versatile Breed.

First known as bed warmers for daughters of Renaissance gentry ‚ they were given the characteristic clip that earned their description as Little Lion Dogs.


Later they skifully mastered tricks to gain a livelihood for the clowns of the Continent.  Many are depicted in art by Durer, Goya, de Bree, and on tombs or tapestries from Renaissance times.


1968 saw the first imports arrive in England for Mrs Banks and Mrs Stenning.

 In 1976 the first Lowchen gained a U.K championship, and the first Lowchens came to Australia.


In 2007 an Australian achieved historic success in the UK winning a group at Bath on her way to becoming UK & Aust. Ch. Tilcha Stylish Armani ‚ being the first Australian owned and bred Lowchen to do so.


Here we have three recent "Grand" Little Lions :- Gd Ch.Triscadec Roar Copy; Gd Ch. Tilcha Just Show Stopper; and Gd Ch. Dinoambre Ol Black Magic.


At the November 2007 Show of the Lowchen Club of NSW a trophy was donated for the highest achieving Lowchen in Obedience.  It was won by Aust. Ch. Rondaglen Parti Fashion C.D.X. - at this time she is the only Lowchen to earn
this Australian Obedience qualification.

Around the globe Lowchens demonstrate versatility.  Best known is Barbara Cecil's Taywil's Aerien Pistil Pete - any breed would be proud to boast of Pete's amazing agility skills and obedience wins. 



Lowchens have more than sport and shows to their credit.  Britain has Lowchens that are fully trained hearing dogs for the deaf.


In the States there is Basil who pulls a cart and will herd sheep!  See:

Lowchens are non-allergenic pets.


They need regular grooming but may be kept in a pet clip.


 Lowchens do need training. As fun loving energetic dogs they enjoy a game of chase - so they MUST learn to "come".


They are healthy with very few known problems so you may spend sixteen or so joy-filled years together with your long-living, lovable, Lowchen.


Irene Bilney 02-01-2008.

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