My Little Golden Girl

Ibapaws Strawberry Blond

Strawb                                                                     29-9-91 - 1-12-2005


Ibapaws Strawberry Blond was my Aly's pup. She was in my heart long before I ever held her in my hands. In her first weeks of life her nose grew but her hair didn't. She was a Smootchen.

Strawb's youth was shared by a rough red Cattle Dog: Bones aka Truheel Red Racer.   He gave her courage and was her backstop in the park community of pooches.  That courage  stayed with Strawberry all her life - except on visits to the vet when she shook for miles before we reached the surgery.


In middle age Strawb developed a canine relationship with Gypsy: a Blue Australian Cattle Dog. Gyp arrived as a rolly polly pup - in need of maternal care - or so Strawberry decided.  She mothered and raised Gyp.

Her life-long sleeping buddy was a Korat cat: Chara.  Both shared my bed.  Strawb happy to sleep in my arms - beside or under her feline friend.

All our dogs have some obedience training - some more than others.  Strawb settled for being our best "stayer" while Gyp earned a U.D. and Aly inspired me to try Obedience work with our new pup: No Nickers Nellie (aka Rondaglen Parti Fashion).

Strawb sternly and swiftly taught Nellie to respect her seniors.

When Nellie's pup pal: dear little Abbey came to play or sleepover Strawb kept an eye on her antics too.  Although Abbey (aka Tilcha Madam Butterfly) finds being good a big ask she managed it under Strawb's supervision.

After Aly died Strawberry's health started to fail her.  She had a ligament repair; survived a miracle op for thickening of the sphincter between her stomach and gut; and suffered pancreatitis. As long as she lived Strawb was never challenged for top dog in our house pack.

On December 1st 2005 several organs ceased to serve her well. Now my loving, loyal golden girl is but a memory.

May your Lowchen companion give you the joy Stawberry shared with me for 14 years.

In her senior years Strawberry often enjoyed a sleep in the sun on her favourite log - while the younger dogs romped at the park.

Irene Bilney April 2006


[Photos to be added later - hopefully]

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