My First Lowchen: My Aly

Tilcha Priden Prejudice

(Alyandabu = My Aly)                                        (10-01-88  - 22-6-04)

I have few photos of Tilcha Priden and Prejudice. She was the most beautiful little black baby - so we gave her the house name of Aly - short for Alyandabu - a very brave and beautiful Aboriginal woman (who has long since returned to the land).

I met up with Aly through one of Pia's ads in the morning paper, and so my tryst with Lowchens commenced. I visited. Fell head over heels. Paid for Aly in secret. Then visited weekly until the pup was old enough to come to my place. There she was introduced to a one-year old blue Korat cat and a Red Australian Cattle Dog.  Aly outlived Bones: the Heeler - whose real name was Truheel Red Racer. Chara: the Korat cat outlived Aly by three years.

Doug was not so welcoming. He opposed my new interest in Lowchens. "Who'd own a dog with a stupid haircut like that" he muttered as he glanced his way through a picture book of British dogs. He hasn't altered that opinion (about the haircut) over the past 20 years or so. When Aly arrived Doug left - only to return home and be beguiled by our own beautiful little black-apricot lion lady. Her house name was "Jasmine" when Pia entrusted her to my care. Doug renamed her Aly and accepted a baby bundle of ebony enthusiam as ours. He still prefers working dogs but takes a very keen interest in training the Lowchens.

Aly was only shown once in the Royal Show in which, I remember, she gained a "third" - year, class and other show details escape me. Sorry.

Aly and Bones went to obedience school.  I remember working successfully with Aly in obedience fundays but I don't think we ever managed to trial.  I was convinced that Aly had aptitude but, unfortunately I lacked the time she needed for practice. It was Aly who convinced me that Lowchens could master the necessary skills for the Obedience ring and so now I am trialling my latest Lowchen - no 3 - "No Nickers Nellie"  aka Aust. Ch. Rondaglen Parti Fashion in the hope that she may be the first to gain an Obedience Title for her breed in this country [She has passed C.D. and C.D.X and is currently preparing for trialling in the U.D. ring - as of July 2009].

Aly bred once with Tilcha Coolhand Luke and Ibapaws Strawberry Blond was the surviving pup  - our second Lowchen.

Bones was still around when Strawb was born. Once Aly's maternal fears subsided Strawb and Bones became playmates.

In later years Gypsy replaced Bones as the working dog in our household. Little Strawb mothered the Blue Heeler pup - Aly declining to do so.

Aly was a personality. She had a number of self-appointed tasks devised around my daily habits. She danced - with delight - each morning when I woke from sleep. She guarded my every bath. She was a "bed-bug" - often to be disturbed between the blankets. Comfort was important to Aly - HERS. She was never a naughty dog but she did exercise selective hearing.

She loved the park. There she dug holes and always had a "work in progress". Aly regarded herself as the referee of dog differences - and got in to sort out the canine park population - if need be!. An early morning visit to the park meant the "perfumes" of the past night may still linger. In which case Aly's ecstacy was to rub herself around the tree stumps and come home fragrantly "all foxed up". It was at the park that Aly really romped with her special Sheltie friend: Murdoch.

One morning their game was a bit too vigorous for my old lady. Aly died on 22-6-04. Her passing was sudden - a shock - and sad for me. Aly had lived with a lowgrade heart murmur and on medication for years. She collapsed having fun. I was happy for Aly that she had managed to play for all but the last six hours of her life of 16 years. I miss her and always will but I am so grateful to have known and been loved by such a dear little bitch.

May your Lowchen enrich your life as much as my Aly spoiled me.

Irene Bilney April 2006


[Hopefully photos to be added later - I.B.]


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