Australia's Only Obedience Lowchen UD

Australia Has An Obedience Lowchen - UD


She has always been a twinkle in this "mother's" eye.

Before I saw her, bought her, loved her, trained with her, trialled with her and succeeded beside her, my dear little Lowchen lady: Nellie was destined to take on the big task of training for the clever dog world of the obedience ring. I wanted, hoped, yearned and even prayed that a Lowchen could and would master obediece skills and have a title after her name.

I am ever hopeful for this breed, which I enjoy so much, but more especially my aspirations were for



And she did it.

Thanks so very much to the thorough, skillful, generous and gentle training given to us both by Glenys Biggs.

We were both in training with Glenys from Nellie's tender age of about ten weeks.

Though I'd owned Lowchen before - from Tilcha - I was basically ignorant of the dog world. 

My grooming career was taken into the professional hands of Pia Kirke.

Our conformation learning curve was also under Pia's competent instruction.

We were treated to most enthusiastic encouragement from Ron and Joan Harrison who had bred this "baby."

Those Saturday and Sunday schoolings ringside forged friendships which will last for life. My dear little Nellie bore the brunt of my ineptitude in the show world until she emerged as Aust. Ch. Rondaglen Parti Fashion.

We were, thus, released from the show world and off to try our luck in the world of obedience dogs.

My ambition for Nellie was always focused on the Obedience sphere of dog skills. I was proud to be on the handler's end of a champion Lowchen's lead. Given the ring we had just emerged from I entered the obedience rings with my Lowchen in full show clip. With her characteristic "little lion" image she sported a "bare bum" and became known around the trials as

"No Nickers Nellie."

We never entered the initial ring nor attempted to qualify for a CCD.

Our first attempts and successes were for a CD in the Companion Dog rings.

That gained we progressed to competing to become a Companion Dog Excellent. - CDX.

Once Nellie managed that title we prepared to make an attempt at the Utility exercises. 

Working our way through the various rings was not without disappointments nor errors.

Most of the costly mistakes were mine to own.

From Glenys patience and kindness were the hallmarks in all our practicing and training sessions.

Nellie's attempts were selectively and adequately rewarded with treats - and expertly so under the guidance of Glenys. I unreservedly make this boast because in trials and out of trials my dear little Nell remained "up" and happy and willing to do her "work" for her entire career. Few trialling dogs manage to do this. Even now in retirement Nell will slip into heel position at my side to indicate her desire to  "let's work" .

The day eventually dawned for my little Lowchen lady to be known as Aust. Ch. Rondaglen Parti Fashion U.D.

By then - at trials - Nell was, more often than not, just referred to as "the Lowchen".  As indeed she was.

To date Nellie's achievements remain unmatched and unchallenged .

In this country no imported Lowchen has yet aspired to the activities and career which Nellie has made her own. 

With her successful obedience career and her U.D.

Nellie is the first Lowchen to aspire to an action dog career in this country.

Nellie is the first Australian-born Lowchen to embark upon an obedience career.

Nell is the first successful obedience Lowchen in Australia.

Nellie undoubtedly earned her accolade of


- and then retired from the ring.

It had been our hope to put a dual tile on this little Lowchen lady

but as I developed an inability to run

Nellie's successful career was cut short. 

Photo by Pamella Aldersea AAPS

Nellie's qualifying scores for U.D.


 23-10-10  Werribee Obedience Trial.  Judge:  Ross Carlson. Score 190/200.

30-11-10  Dogs Victoria Obedience Trial, KCC Park Judge: Margaret Deakes. Score 192/200

23-4-11  OTEC Easter Trial, KCC Park. Judge: Uta May 188/200


 8 May 2011 - title granted  - Aust. Ch. Rondaglen Parti Fashion U.D.

Date of Birth - 10-10-04. 



In making this journey together my little Nell and I found many friends along the way. There were those who helped us, fed us, transported us, competed with us, encouraged us, shared with us, sheltered us, taught us, mentored for us, trained us, stewarded for us, judged us, and played with us - those were the ones with four legs who were always good for a game. Thank-you one and all.

Irene Bilney, 16-3-14.




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