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"My personal brag

in " The Lowchen Club of NSW Newsletter. April 2008, p. 11.

Recently I became the owner of the dearest little Lowchen lass.

To me she is my Glory Glory Alleluia girl.

In the show ring she is known as Tilcha Glory N Torino.

It's great to, again, be loved by a black Tilcha bitch - as was my first Lowchen lady 20 years ago. Irene Bilney


"None so blind as those who will not see."

in  The Lowchen Club of NSW Newsletter. March 2009, p. 3.

In our local park there is a guy who circuits the oval by staying close to the metal rail of the bounary fence.  While he does his laps he allows his two bitches to exercise and play and roam wide using the offlead zone surrounding the area.  One morning one bitch emptied her bowel and the trio remained on track and just kept going.  At seeing this a young strapping bully-boy of a bloke was galvanised into action.  He ran to inform the dog owner of the "dog's  filthy fouling" and, also, berated the guy for his "social misdemeanor and ineptitude" in having not scooped up the offending article. The guy who owned the bitches apologised and said, If I could see it I would certainly pick it up.  I am blind" And would you believe the bullyboy just jogged off - content to allow the grass to be fouled by the seeing-eye dog.  His sense of justice satisfied. I know who I think was lacking a social conscience. Irene Bilney.


 Tales  From Our Trials

Sat. 24 Oct 2009. We arrived at Werribbee for our next attempt in the Utility ring. My heart gave a leap of joy – not a dandelion in sight – so no bees to bother us in the ring. Two pluses to start our day, I thought, so I entered the ring with a fairly light heart. Our seek back was executed OK. Next exercise was to be directed jumping and I sent my Nellie out to the box – and after arriving there she bunny-hopped back to me - complete with burr in her back paw – knowing “my mum will take it out.” We tried again for the box but the burr had dinted her drive as well as her pawpad – so we withdrew. Those arrow-headed burrs had imbedded themselves into our gear as well as my little bitch's coat and foot and psyche. Once home I groomed the offenders from Nellie's Lowchen locks but I was getting burrs out of trial stuff for about a week. Lesson learned: there are worse hazards to negotiate in trial rings than dandelions. We look forward to another day and another trial. (I.B. 29-10-'09).


Werribee O.D.C. Inc. Sat. 24 Oct 2009. While waiting for our turn in the trial we watched Andrew Saliba and his young dog have their time in the ring. It is always an education and a joy to watch Andrew and his dogs work together – they are just precise poetry in motion. We were amazed when Andrew grabbed and held his GSD. All became apparent when we noticed a very baby bunny happily hopping across their ring. The rabbit had, also, been noticed by the assembled audience of gun dogs who gave voice but were restrained from giving chase. The kitten was caught and taken to the clubhouse to await it's future fate – all done very tenderly so I suspect the rabbit did not end up in a cooking pot. (Irene Bilney 29-10-09).


"A true dinkum story."

in The Lowchen Club of NSW Newsletter. March 2009, p. 4.

Pia was heading off to a far distant show so the pups were to stay with me while she was away.  I was transporting them to my place in a wheeled crate by suburban train.  Actually our journey involved a couple of trains and changing trains.  When the train pulled into the station where we were to catch the second train I realised I'd left it a bit late to travel home.  It was peak hour - and I'd be a nuisance to the workers enroute from the CBD to the suburbs.  On a crowded station the pups and I waited for a homebound train.  Also on the station was a band of Connex ticket inspectors waiting to board the same train.  A lady inspector spied the pups and went "clucky", called a second female inspector to admire them, and upset one of the chaps in the contingent by doing so. 

He informed her, "There's a train coming , you know!"

"There have been trains coming all day." She replied. "I'm looking at lovely pups."

"You are not paid to look at pups."

"I'm paid to provide service. You just watch me."

When our train drew in - she opened the door - ushered me and my pups in - organized a surprised young traveller to surrender his seat to us - and eventually supervised so that we alighted safely at our station.

I said and waved out thanks as the peak hour train pulled out of the station bearing weary workers to their suburban homes. Irene Bilney

Congratulations !

Some snippets of Lowchen news worth bragging about.  The collection is compiled as  a bit of a 'hit or miss" activity - and may I confess my selection is entirely subjective.


 February 2007. Pet Expo, Caulfield Race Course. Victoria - Winner of the Best Stand:  The Lowchen Stand !!!!!!! (more about this at a later date).



24 August 2009 - Glad to Have A 'Pete" In the Lowchen Family. What a Clecver Chap!

 Nine years ago today my life changed forever.  Pistol, a little black bundle of love, devotion, and unlimited potential was born.  I will be forever indebted to Herb Williams and John Taylor for entrusting me with this once-in-a-lifetime dog, best buddy, and constant companion.  Though he has achieved so much in agility, obedience, and rally, his greatest talent doesn't have a title - it is his sense of humor and ability to make me, and everyone around him, laugh!


Deb Oliver, who owns Miss Daisys (fancy and exclusive) doggy day care in Houston, Texas, is also the owner of Pistol's sister, Dancer.  And so Deb - whose sense of humor is equalled only by Pistol's - threw a 9th birthday party for the dogs at her dog camp.  The theme was "Rock And Roll" complete with decorations, a dance contest with Pistol and Petey as guest judges, a big birthday cake, and a party all day long.  (For pictures of the party-goers, check out Miss Daisys web site:  The picture below is of brother and sister Dancer, left, and Pistol, right, with my Petey, age 2 and their nephew, in the middle.

A famous dog trainer once said something along the lines of, The secret to success is picking the right dog, then not screwing him up.  I like to think that's what I did with Pistol.  I just let all that natural intelligence, athletic ability, and "I can do that!" attitude shine through.  Happy Birthday Pistola!  I love you!

Barbara Cecil, Houston Texas

Pistol: MACH 3, NATCH-3, VERSATILITY NATCH, ATCH-SP, TayWil's Aerien Pistil Pete, UD, RAE, AJP, OAP, OFP, XF; UCDX; ASCA UD; ECC 400, EJC 400, EAC 600, HP-N; CL-3, CL4-H
Petey: TayWil's Aerien Everlasting, RE

"Pete" has done so much for the profile of our breed.  Without my knowledge of "Pete" I may never have had the grit to keep on keeping on with Nellie's work - on my lazy days.  AND without Barbara we wouldn't have a Pete - to brag about for our breed. Congratulations to a very special working relationship and pair of pals. Irene


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